Humanism is a positive way of life based on reason and experience. Humanists believe in the natural not the supernatural.

Devon Humanists aim to support and represent Humanists in Devon and to promote Humanism throughout the county. We advocate secularism in civil affairs and in education; we support the teaching of Humanism in schools. Humanist ceremonies are preferred by many who are looking for a non-religious celebration of life's rites of passage.

Devon Humanists are now a virtual organisation. If you are interested in Humanism and live in Devon, please register with this site and we will be in touch to let you know what is happening and how you can meet other Humanists.

Our people are:
Spokesperson - Keith Denby (media)
Webmaster - Keith Denby
Organiser - Stephen Braund (website, social media, communications)
Developer - Stephen Braund (new groups, liaison, group development)
Education - Keith Denby (SACRE)
School Speakers - Tim Purches

Please check out the links under Regional Groups to find out what is going on in your area.

If you are on Facebook each region has its own group.  Also there is a Humanists in Devon coordinating group you can join and we can redirect you to the right place.

If you are on Meetup there is the Peninsula Rationalists Meetup Group which carries all local events.

If you are on Twitter each group either has or will have its own Twitter account.